For several years now, millennials have been unfairly saddled with the notion that they are lazy or lack ambition.

The 30 business professionals under the age of 30 featured in this month’s issue of 425 Business surely challenge that notion.

Data scientists at FreshBooks, a Toronto-based company that offers cloud-based accounting software for small-business owners, polled a representative sample of 1,000 American freelancers to the Millennial Workaholics Index to gauge the work habits of millennials. Here are some of the results from the study.


Illustration by Jorgen Burt

66% identify as workaholics


56% work more than 40 hours per week


20% work more than 60 hours per week


70% work on the weekend


63% work while sick


63% work on their birthdays


51% work over holiday breaks


48% work on New Year’s Eve or Day


32% have worked in the bathroom


27% have worked while on a date