Zara opened at Bellevue Collection on Thursday, featuring lots of budget-friendly fashion-forward pieces. Photos by Lauren Foster.

A few minutes before the clock struck 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Zara employees at Bellevue Square were putting the finishing touches on the new store. Windows were getting a glossy finish while a final coat of paint was rolled out onto the base of a display case. A quiet group of about 20 shoppers waited outside the 26,000 square-foot store .

Zara is a Spanish company known for its European tailored clothes that are especially trendy. It rapidly builds garments that are on-trend and rushes them to stores around the world.  It’s proved to be a successful business model for the fashion industry. Owner Amancio Ortega recently took Warren Buffet’s place as the second richest man in the world with a net worth of $71.5 billion.  Read more about the Zara business plan here.

But here’s why you should really care about Zara moving to the neighborhood. They sell great business clothes. Just about everything is tailored for the office. It’s slightly more high-end than H&M with more workwear basics typically under $100 (with the exception of coats). Here’s a few things that might suit your workwear wardrobe.

5Super simple, houndstooth coat $149.

9There are few things as comfy as a dress with leggings. This floral print dress is $49.90.

6Accessories are an easy, fun way to mix up your look. Zara has velvet ties and bowties, scarves, and socks. A little embellishment goes a long way.

7Go for the coats. They’ve got everything from puffy down coats to classic wool coats. This classic is $149.

8Collared shirts for men are $39.90. They come in block colors and patterns that are really nice. Some are more traditionally businessy others are on the fun side of the spectrum.

1Dropping temperatures call for big, cozy sweaters. Among the many in store now is this geometric block color sweater $99.90.

2Pattern and leather pencil skirts $39.90 are a nice twist on a classic. Blazer is $129.

3This cinched-sleeved blazer $149 is a fall classic. Wear it with jeans or a dress.

4The store is full of darling blouses with original little prints for $39.90.