Where can you find a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons streamers and luminaries all in one place? This may sound like the set up for a punchline, however D&D is actually a lot more popular than you’d think and the real answer is the premise behind Renton-based Wizards of the Coast’s two-day event this weekend.

Beginning at 10 a.m. June 2 – 3, multiple D&D groups will gather and explore a new D&D story line live on the game streaming website, Twitch.tv. The event — which is being coined the Stream of Annihilation — will act as a launch pad for the brand’s newest story line while also kicking off a full programming schedule of D&D shows on Twitch.tv.

“They’re dense,” Greg Tito, communications manager for Wizards of the Coast, said of the new stories set to be released to the public this fall. “There’s a lot of story in them and we don’t think any group is going to be able to consume all of that content all at once so we wanted to encourage (the groups participating in Stream of Annihilation) to play with that stuff before fans got their hands on it as the perfect way to preview that kind of content.”

The groups that will be participating in the actual streaming live from a Seattle studio were handpicked by the brand and will be the largest assembly of D&D streamers and YouTubers that has ever been attempted in one place.

“We love that there has been this huge growth of people playing Dungeons and Dragons online and so many of them are a little bit interconnected — like I know one group will talk to this person and this person and that person (will connect) and I’ll see them interact on Twitter — but I don’t think that everybody has been in one place together sharing what they know, celebrating what they do, and really getting together to play stories together,” Tito said.

In addition to the numerous D&D groups from around the world, the brand hopes to draw even more attention to their streams by inviting D&D playing Hollywood celebrities like Joe Manganiello, known for roles in Magic Mike and True Blood; Matthew Lillard, who recently appeared in the premiere of the new Twin Peaks reboot; and Dylan Sprouse, known for his roles in Big Daddy and the Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

For more information about Dungeons and Dragons and the Stream of Annihilation, visit Wizards of the Coast online.