Windows feedback app. Image courtesy of Microsoft.

Windows feedback app. Image courtesy of Microsoft.

When Microsoft’s vice president of operating systems, Terry Myerson, announced Windows 10 on Tuesday, he said the Technical Preview would be available to developers beginning Wednesday.

True to his word, the Technical Preview for Windows 10 is available though the Windows Insider Program.

Members of the Insider program will be able to test features such as the Start menu, multiple desktops, and adjustments to the existing snap feature. Microsoft cautioned that the preview is for PC experts and IT pros, and if a person is not familiar with .ISO files and UEFI BIOS, the preview may not be for them.

Developers will be able to experience Windows 10 as it is being created, and the opportunity to provide feedback directly to Microsoft is something the company is banking on.

“You’ll have the ability to impact and influence those types of product decisions,” the company wrote in a blog post. “You will be able to use the Windows Feedback app to report on any issues you encounter with the Windows 10 Technical Preview, or tell us about something you like or dislike.”

Myerson says the development team focused on making sure Windows 10 would work on a broad array of devices, from keyboard input to touch screen and mobile.

“This is our most comprehensive platform ever,” Myerson said at Tuesday’s presentation, adding that streamlining the user experience for Windows 7 users was a priority.

Windows 10 won’t be available for consumers until mid 2015.

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