Just in time for Veterans Day, the Wells Fargo West Region military grants program has given $25,000 to support student veterans at Renton Technical College.

Renton Technical College

Photo courtesy Renton Technical College via Facebook.

The grant will be set aside for use as one-time $500 emergency support payments to qualified student veterans of the armed services who need a little extra help covering things like childcare, food, housing, and other needs. Of the more than 200 veterans and dependents who attended Renton Technical College last school year, 73 percent needed extra help with their expenses.

“We are grateful to Wells Fargo for supporting our veteran students, so that they can complete their programs, find good work, and improve the quality of their lives,” said Renton Technical College president Dr. Kevin McCarthy, in a statement. “They have already served their country with distinction, and we appreciate what they are now adding to our communities.”

Most student veterans who have served more than three years on active duty and received honorable discharges are able to make use of their Post 9/11 G.I. Bill, which covers the full cost of in-state tuition and gives stipends for books as well as a location-based living allowance. However, these stipends are not always enough to cover a student veteran’s living expenses, especially if they have dependents. That is where the Wells Fargo grant comes in to play.

“This generous grant by Wells Fargo will help RTC to address this gap in financial assistance,” said Brenda Thompson, Renton Technical College veteran advisor. “Five hundred dollars may seem small to some, but it can make a world of difference to a student facing the choice between paying the rent and keeping the lights on.”

Wells Fargo created their Military Affairs Program in 2012 to help members of the military and veteran communities and their families who are facing financial hardships. During that time, they have donated more than $68 million in home donations and support for veteran job training and career transition programs.