Henry Albrecht founded Limeade because he wanted to help companies improve the overall well-being of their employees — and that was a matter very personal to Albrecht.

But creating the Bellevue-based corporate wellness tech company wasn’t simply about having a good idea and running with it. Limeade was years in the making, and involved Albrecht watching his own well-being start to slip through the cracks before he brought his idea to fruition.

In the late 1990s, Albrecht, a recent MBA grad from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, landed in Silicon Valley. “I fell in love with the energy pouring into innovation and technology,” he said. “I wanted to work for a company that not only had awesome technology, but also the power of a brand and a real sense of team.”

Albrecht started his career as a product manager at Intuit, a provider of financial, accounting, and tax-preparation software based in Mountain View, California. Albrecht worked on software that helped improve customers’ financial well-being, which prompted the question, “What if there was a software system that could measurably improve your overall well-being?” The idea for Limeade was born.

Albrecht stayed with Intuit for four years before an opportunity at a venture-backed enterprise software company brought him back to his hometown of Seattle.

However, problems soon arose after he returned to the Pacific Northwest. “I was going through some challenges at work, being grumpy with my wife, and even having stress-related health issues,” Albrecht said. “That’s when the idea (for Limeade) came back to me with a vengeance.”

With a passion for improving people’s lives, Albrecht founded Limeade in 2006, using technology as a way to help companies foster “happier, healthier, and more productive employees.” It’s a journey that’s been both rewarding and challenging. “There’s no such thing as an average day,” Albrecht said. “Every year, every month, every day is a new adventure. That’s the coolest part of the job.”

Using innovative software, Limeade performs health assessments to determine an employee’s overall well-being. Based on the results of the assessment, Limeade offers incentives for employees who are willing to participate in activities designed to improve their overall health.

Limeade currently works with companies such as Bloodworks Northwest, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and UnityPoint Health, helping them do everything from decrease employee sick days to reduce employee health-care costs.

And it comes as no surprise that Albrecht has created a company culture that his own employees appreciate. “I love seeing how much people care about Limeade, and how passionate our people are about our mission,” he said. “I love that we’ve created hundreds of jobs here in Bellevue. But I’m proudest of seeing Limeade users improve their lives.”

With each new day and each new adventure comes a new lesson learned. When it comes to navigating the business world and building success, Albrecht boils it down to this: “Try hard, have and express gratitude, and take your job more seriously than you take yourself.”