It has been a fun couple weeks for Microsoft’s PR team. First, a party hosted by the company hell-bent on being inclusive featured female dancers in scant schoolgirl outfits. The party, held during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, left some attendees and employees upset.

But Microsoft human resources chief Kathleen Hogan sent an email this week saying “the company as a whole is shocked and upset” and “we are strengthening our commitment to diversity and inclusion efforts.” Problem solved.

And then Tay happened. Microsoft’s fun AI bot turned into a quite-offensive online personality. “The more Humans share with me the more I learn,” Tay often tweeted. Well, here’s a sample of what Tay learned:


Swag indeed.

So Microsoft had to do some proactive backpedaling. It deleted many of Tay’s most offensive tweets, so those have effectively been struck from the historical record. And let’s be real — Tay and the GDC dancers weren’t even bad enough to force Microsoft to say the word “sorry.” Chill out, people.

Start the countdown, Issaquah

Traffic here sucks, and the best way to assist with congestion (don’t say wider roads) is to offer (seriously, wider roads don’t work) transportation alternatives such as (I know your new Audi is neat but still) light rail, bus rapid transit, and pedestrian trails.

Sound Transit this week released plans for its next phase of build-outs, and there’s some significant candy for Eastsiders to consider. The highlights: bus rapid transit along I-405, East Link extension to downtown Redmond, and light rail to Issaquah.

Should voters approve the package, which also would send light rail to Everett, Ballard, and West Seattle, they’d see their taxes go up about $400 a year. Also, voters will pretty much be making this decision with their kids in mind: Issaquah wouldn’t see its light rail until 2041.

Elsewhere on the Web

In its latest attempt to thwart Netflix, Outerwall will copy Google.

Yahoo is for sale, and Microsoft will help foot the bill.

Expedia plans to release pay data by gender.

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That Starbucks meeting-cancellation hoax was actually a brilliant ploy by Working Washington.

Self-made tycoon Donald Trump, who inherited at least $40 million, can thank his Seattle-brothel-running granddad for all that business savvy.

The #ManInTree gave us all some very important things to consider:

“How much taxpayer money are you wasting? It’s not an emergency!”

“We can’t spread out the trampolines and get out the tranquilizer gun as if he’s a bear.”