A new report from Bellevue-based career site Nurse.org reveals state-by-state salary rankings for registered nurses

The report, which takes both base pay and cost of living into consideration, provides a look at salary comparisons across states for nurses interested in advancing their careers.

“We realized that nurses could benefit more from salary data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistic if it contained a cost-of-living dimensions,” said Nurse.org product manager, Phillip Lee, in a press release. “The combined data would offer a more accurate view of how far their salaries might go.”

By comparing salaries to regional cost-of-living data, data analysts at Nurse.org were able to provide nurses with meaningful, real-world data designed to help them discover their earning potential in different U.S. states.

“(For example), a nurse making $80,000 in New York technically earns more than a nurse making $70,000 in Texas,” explained Lee, “but when you factor in New York’s 40 percent increased cost-of-living, it’s a completely different story.”

The report revealed that California, despite its high cost of living, pays its nurses more than any other state. Other states that ranked among the list’s top “real-world” nurse salaries include Nevada (No. 2), Alaska (No. 3), Oregon (No. 4), Massachusetts (No. 5), Washington state (No. 6), New Jersey (No. 7), Texas (No. 8), Arizona (No. 9), and Minnesota (No. 10).

To view Nurse.org’s full report, follow the link here: nurse.org/articles/50-state-salaries-ranked-with-cost-of-living