Bellevue-based VRStudios announced today that it has inked a distribution agreement with Denmark’s SmartLaunch to offer wireless, full-motion, multi-user virtual reality experience to a world-wide audience.

VRStudios CEO Charles Herrick. Photo courtesy VRStudios.

VRStudios CEO Charles Herrick. Photo courtesy VRStudios.

SmartLaunch, founded in 2001, offers software management for gaming centers and e-sports arenas to customers in 125 countries. VRStudios’ relationship with SmartLaunch means consumers at gaming centers will experience a proprietary, full-immersion virtual reality experience and unique content.

“This is validation that our value proposition and mind-blowing VR products bring a differentiation that cannot be ignored.” VRStudios COO Derek Anderson said in a statement. “SmartLaunch represents an excellent distribution partner, because they see past the novelty of VR and onto the amazing and expansive possibilities of VR. We look forward to bringing our out-of-this-world VR content to their customers.”

“Gaming centers have been asking for VR games and experiences. Our partnership with VRstudios will allow SmartLaunch to offer a steady and frequent delivery of exciting new games and experiences to our customers,” said Vinay Java, chief operating officer of SmartLaunch. “VRstudios’ capabilities are one-of-a-kind. Once you have tried a truly wireless VR experience, it’s really hard to imagine using anything else. The benefits of this partnership will clearly give us an edge.”

The Eastside company came out of stealth mode in February when it began shipping it’s VR system, fulfilling orders worldwide. The company did not give a specific number, but said it had received “millions of dollars” worth or orders. The company had closed a seed round of funding of $1.3 million in December 2015, and is currently seeking another round of funding.