20150928_VAIO_Z_Canvas_055It may seem like the Vaio brand of computers disappeared, but it never really did. After Sony and Vaio parted ways in February 2011, the spun-off PC brand built high-end computers in Japan under Japan Industrial Partners ownership. And now, Vaio computers once again are available for purchase in the United States.

The brand is headed back to the U.S. and Brazil under the Vaio Corp. umbrella, independent of Japan Industrial Partners. The company is re-entering the personal computing market with a monster 12.3-inch tablet, Z Canvas, complete with detachable keyboard, stylus, Intel Core i7 Haswell processor, a 256-gigabyte solid state drive, and up to 16 GB of onboard memory. The tablet became available online and in Microsoft retail stores in October, starting at $2,199.
“It all started from a simple idea after seeing a person carry both a paper notebook and a computer, and I asked myself, why?” Yoshifumi Ito, Vaio’s product planner, said in a statement. Ito noticed how inconvenient it was to jot down ideas quickly on computers, especially during the brainstorming process.

VaioTechSpecsThe Vaio tablet is more robust than the similarly sized iPad Pro, offering more memory and the ability to run the Adobe Creative Suite. Vaio is targeting customers looking for something lighter than a Windows-compatible laptop who also need the ability to do creative design work while mobile.