Uniform Teeth, a startup revolutionizing modern orthodontics by bringing high-quality, fast, and affordable orthodontic care into the mainstream, will be opening a Bellevue location (1500 108th Avenue Northeast) in November.

“We believe people shouldn’t have to choose between quality and convenience,” said Uniform Teeth CEO Meghan Jewitt in a press release. “For too long, fixing teeth has been uncomfortable, embarrassing, and time-consuming. It’s also been expensive, which has excluded millions of people from seeking care. Our mission is to increase access to high-quality orthodontic care, and this also means bringing the cost down.”

According to the release, Uniform Teeth uses advanced technology to move teeth fast and safely. This unique approach allows Uniform Teeth to treat 99 percent of patients while charging, on average, 40 percent less than other leading orthodontic providers.

Before a patient’s first treatment, Uniform Teeth’s orthodontists perform a detailed assessment of the health of a patient’s mouth using its Uniform Lab Technology, including a 3D CBCT X-ray and a 3D scan, along with a full dental health exam. According to the release, this process uncovers underlying issues such as cavities, gum inflammation, or root infections. The 3D scan produces a model of the teeth down to the roots to predict the exact way each patient’s teeth will move.

“Proprietary software predicts how teeth will move, eliminating time-consuming guesswork, and weekly check-ins via an app track progress and cut down on in-person office visits,” according to the release.

Uniform Teeth treatments range from $2,500 to $5,000 on average. While more expensive than DIY kits, Uniform Teeth can handle mild to complex cases that require an in-person orthodontist for best results, according to the release.

Uniform Teeth has tripled in size from a year ago and expects to employ 10 people in the Seattle area by the end of 2020, according to the release.

To learn more about Uniform Teeth, visit its website.