The new partnership between Coding Dojo, the Bellevue-based computer programming school, and ride-share startup Uber, now valued at a staggering $50 billion, is going strong. Coding Dojo students are midway through a 12-week coding boot camp that is giving them access to Uber’s application program interface for the first time.

Coding Dojo lead instructor and engineer Martin Puryear said the partnership is an arrangement targeted to help students become familiar with integrating their ideas with APIs, to encourage students to think outside the box for solutions, and to expose students to large, popular companies.

The program will feature required projects that integrate Uber’s API into course projects and the option to integrate Uber’s technology into students’ ideas that could gain traction and recognition at Uber.

Puryear said an example of such a project could be an app created to help music students find a potential teacher. The app could provide a rating for each teacher and, by integrating Uber, tell the student how much it would cost to travel back and forth to a particular teacher’s studio.

“Even though it’s not the most important feature in the system, it’s a interesting feature,” Puryear said. “If I’m going to choose a teacher, maybe the top priority is the reviews of the teacher, though I should factor in that it’s always going to cost $25 for me to get to her studio.”

If students create a novel app or integration, Uber would be able to talk with that student about his or her idea, leading to an array of possibilities, including the addition of a new feature into Uber’s platform, potential internships, and possible employment.

“We’re trying to transform people’s lives, and how that comes to fruition is by transforming them into self-sufficient software engineers,” Puryear said. “Whether they want to start their own company or work at an up-and-comer like Uber, this is one of the ways we feel like we can help them get there, to connect them with companies like Uber where they can potentially get featured on their blog and maybe on the Uber website for a while.”