The U.S. Chamber of Commerce today launched the Save Small Business Initiative, a nationwide program to address small businesses’ immediate needs, mitigate closures and job losses, and mobilize support for long-term recovery.

The initiative includes $5,000 supplemental grants for small employers in economically vulnerable communities, as well as resources and guidance to help small businesses survive the crisis and recover following the pandemic.

The Chamber is also calling on federal, state, and local governments to consider additional mechanisms to support small businesses, including accelerating payment schedules for small business vendors, suppliers, and other contractors.

“Small business owners are fighting day and night to keep their workers employed and their dreams alive. Already, too many small businesses have shuttered, and millions more are teetering on the brink of permanent closure,” stated Suzanne Clark, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “These small businesses touch every family and every block of every town across America. And they need our help right now.”

For more information about the Save Small Business Initiative, visit this website.