Launch Consulting and 110 Consulting merge to grow and scale services further and faster

Last year, Bellevue-based 110 Consulting partnered with TA Group Holdings (TAG) to help sustain the consulting firm during a period of rapid growth. After partnering with TAG, 110 Consulting was introduced to other companies within the TAG portfolio, including Launch Consulting, a veteran-owned and operated technology solutions firm in Bellevue. The two companies started working together last February and, in less than one year, decided to formally merge in November.

Launch Consulting

Launch Consulting is a veteran-owned consulting firm in Bellevue. Photo courtesy Launch Consulting.

“From the start, 110 Consulting gravitated to Launch Consulting, another firm in the TAG portfolio,” said former 110 Consulting CEO Heinrich Montana. “Employees from both companies began to work together naturally, earning significant business and delivering even higher client satisfaction. This was possible because of our similar cultures, having strategic offerings and delivery models that complemented each other from day one. Both companies ensured the mindset and priority was around maximizing each other’s strengths to better support our clients and provide more opportunities for our employees.”

Since formalizing the merger under the Launch brand, Montana has shifted into his new role as Launch Consulting president, and he’s not the only one whose title has changed. In the months following the merger, Launch has been focused on restructuring the company’s leadership team, as well as its staff, which has doubled in size as a result of the merger.

Launch CEO Wud Pocinwong said aside from the two teams working together so well, one reason the merger has been so smooth is because of the approach the companies have taken to integrate the businesses.

“The soft integration enabled Launch to evaluate and make adjustments daily as needed,” Pocinwong said. “So far, we have retained all leaders through the merger and business is on plan. Going forward, we are all aware that more details of the integration will continue to arise and our team will be ready since it gets repetition every day in decision making and business adjustments.”

Launch Consulting

Launch employees look forward to the company’s annual Downhill Bike Ride. Photo courtesy Launch Consulting.

Through the merger, Pocinwong said Launch is better positioned for the exponential growth the company already was preparing for. “We have scaled our capabilities in three of the fastest growing areas of consulting: BI and analytics, marketing and customer experience consulting, and managed services,” Pocinwong said.

Looking at the year ahead, Pocinwong said Launch’s goals are to enable clients and employees to grow both further and faster, all while attracting new clients and talent. “In addition,” Pocinwong added, “as a veteran-owned company we are scaling a Veteran Powered Center of Excellence to employ more veterans, transitioning active duty military, and military spouses in technology jobs. The COE will support our clients in areas like QA and test, data analytics, data security, incident management, remote infrastructure management, and technical support.”