Another day, another data breach, or so it seems. So, it’s no wonder Pithia, Inc., and their partner venture capital company the RChain Cooperative, both out of Seattle, were eager to invest in Trusted Key Solutions.

Trusted Key Solutions is a digital identity security company that uses blockchain technology to keep private, mobile information safe. The Seattle-based company recently announced that it raised $3 million in a seed funding round.

“Going forward, trusted digital identity will be a critical requirement for businesses operating on the web,” said Pithia CEO Lawrence Lerner. “We believe that Trusted Key’s architecture and blockchain portability makes it one of the standout leaders in the space and we look forward to having them as part of the RChain ecosystem.”

Trusted Key is also in the early stages of a partnership with global health security nonprofit NH-ISAC to help keep patients’ data and mobile access safe and secure.

“We have been very impressed working with Trusted Key on the power of their platform around identity proofing and the creation of a secure digital identity that can be re-used by all of our healthcare partners with validation on the blockchain,” said Kurt Lieber, Chairman of the NH-ISAC Identity and Authentication Working Group.

Executives from Microsoft, Oracle, and Symantec founded Trusted Key in 2016. The recently received funding will be used to expand and improve the company’s highly sought-after technology. Additional Trusted Key partners include Kernel Labs, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and Saviynt.