Presbyterian Retirement Communities Northwest recently moved its headquarters from Seattle to Bellevue and earlier this week the organization announced it’s changing its name to Transforming Age. The name change coincides with the company’s 60-year history and vision for transforming the way people think about age and aging.

Photo courtesy Transforming Age via Facebook.

Transforming Age aims to change the way people think about age and aging. Photo courtesy Transforming Age via Facebook.

“We are extremely excited about this new name,” Torsten Hirche, president and CEO of Transforming Age, said in a press release. “Over the years, we’ve continually invested in housing, technology, and other solutions that empower older adults to live without limits. Recently, it became clear that we had outgrown our original name. While we honor our heritage, Transforming Age better reflects our mission and vision going forward.”

A pioneer of retirement care, Transforming Age was the first facility of its kind to open in the state of Washington. Since it opened in 1956, Transforming Age has integrated new technology, housing opportunities, and creative programs and services into its focus.

After expanding in 2014 with the Fred Lind Manor affiliation, Transforming Age recently secured a $130 million fixed-rate bond issue allowing the organization to continue providing high-quality senior housing for the communities it serves.

Looking ahead, Transforming Age has plans to offer more housing opportunities outside of its current demographic footprint, providing more housing options for an increasingly aging society. News regarding Transforming Age’s advancements in its geographic reach is expected in the coming months.

With the company’s new headquarters in Bellevue, new name, and other plans for the future, Transforming Age has adopted a new tagline: Live without limits. The tagline coincides with Transforming Age’s initiative to help combat ageism, empowering older adults to rethink the way they want to live.

“Imagination and determination are what expands our ability to live without limits,” Hirche said. “We are privileged to partner with older adults to remove barriers and enable people of any age to lead independent and purposeful lives.”

One ways Transforming Age is doing this is through a forum called When I’m 99. The forum aims to serve as an inspirational resource for finding new, practical ways to combat ageism.