As 2018 comes to a close, we’re taking a look back at the most popular 425 Business stories of the year.


1. 30 Under 30 

This year’s class of 30 Under 30 honorees reminded us how many ambitious, goal-oriented, and passionate people live and work on the Eastside. There was a 16-year-old high school student whose technology startup is rapidly gaining ground. There was a TV reporter who knew who she wanted to be even as she left the former Soviet Union with her family at age 5. And then there was the SoulCycle instructor who is so beloved by his students that 19 of them felt motivated to nominate him.

2. Office Envy: Aegis Living

Aegis Living’s Bellevue headquarters opened in 2017 and is regarded as a retreat with abundant natural light, several rejuvenating hubs, an on-property tree house conference room, and more.

3. It May Evoke Fear But Its Still Important to Embrace Volatility 

What is the difference between volatility and risk?” If we can define “volatility” as what the market has experienced through its wild swings of 2018, should we define risk in the same way?

4. Deluxe Movie Theater Coming to Totem Lake

Kirkland residents: It’s time to throw out your “no caffeine after 2 p.m.” rule — Cinemark is bringing a state-of-the-art, eight-screen cinema to The Village at Totem Lake that will feature a café with specialty coffee and ice cream.

5. Office Envy: Sucker Punch Productions

Born on the Eastside and out of the minds of software developers, Sucker Punch Productions has been creating video games since its founding team departed from Microsoft in 1997.

6. SurfCity to Launch Pop-Up Venue in Issaquah 

If you’re impatiently waiting to “hang 10” at the Eastside’s new indoor surf venue, CitySurf, the company planned to build a pop-up surf park for summer in the Issaquah Highlands.

7. Your Fair Share

Build a portfolio of market-tracking index funds; in the next bull or bear market, remind yourself that getting “your fair share” is good enough for you.

8. Bellevue’s Next Generation of Healthcare

By all definitions, the fall 2017 unveiling of Overlake Medical Center’s $20 million cancer center was a big deal. The center’s patient-centered design already is saving lives and helping patients and their families feel at ease. However, this new center is just the beginning.

9. Slalom’s Philanthropy Fellow Program Pairs Consultants with Nonprofits

The Seattle-headquartered business and technology consulting firm, Slalom, has a pretty bold philosophy when it comes to giving back.

10. Eastside Professionals’ Secrets of Success

What is the missing ingredient that turns startups into super stars? What is the secret of success? We sought council with effective Eastside professionals to learn how to be successful in family, business, and life.