Where are you looking for love this Valentine’s Day? And how much is it going to cost you? A new study from WalletHub may be able to help you celebrate without breaking the bank, listing the country’s most romantic — and cost effective — cities for spending Valentine’s Day this year.

The survey, which surveyed 100 American cities, ranked Seattle as the fifth best city to celebrate the holiday, following Honolulu, Orlando, Scottsdale, and — number one — San Francisco. Portland ranked eighth on the list.

The survey ranked cities across 20 key metrics such as ‘florists per capita’ and ‘cost of a three-course meal for two,’ for example.

Collectively, the survey reported Americans will spend about $18.2 billion this Valentine’s Day to show their love with cards, flowers, jewelry, candy, gifts, or a special night out, and the average person will spend $136.57 on the occasion.

Wallethub also released an infographic full of Valentine’s Day Fun Facts, like how 90 percent of people in a relationship plan to buy their significant other a gift, men typically spend twice as much as women, and 53 percent of women say they would end a relationship if they did not receive a gift on Valentine’s Day.

For more Valentine’s Day statistics, including the full list of cities surveyed and where they rank, visit Wallethub online.