Domino’s Pizza is debuted its new DXP (delivery expert) car in Washington this week. The Puget Sound region is one of 25 markets to have the cars nationwide. The goal of the car is fewer stops and more deliveries.

The DXP isn’t the run-of-the-mill delivery car. It comes with a warming oven on board to keep the pizzas warm while out on delivery. That means the driver also can carry more pizzas and cut down on delivery trips. The car holds up to 80 pizzas. The warming oven is set at 140 degrees and runs for 15 minutes. Driver Mike Brown Jr. said most delivery runs take about 10 minutes.

The car fits one person, with the rest being used as customized space to store napkins, sauces, and drinks. The interior design helps stabilize pizza. Lights on the side of the car help drivers spot puddles and curbs to keep the ride smooth for the pizza.

Most people recognize a pizza-delivery car when they see one, but this new ride draws a bit more attention.

“I’ve seen people pointing and looking,” Brown said. “I’ve never gotten that reaction delivering pizza before.”

For drivers, it offers the chance to personalize their car with custom decals, similar to the call sign on a plane.

According to the car’s website, there are 97 DXP cars on the road in the United States; 13 are in Washington. The cars were designed through a five-stage crowdsource competition put on by Local Motors. The DXP cars are Chevrolet Sparks.