Russell Wilson and Kasey Kahne pose at the two-day Drive chairty event in June. Photo courtesy The Drive.

Russell Wilson and Kasey Kahne pose at the two-day Drive charity event in June. Photo courtesy The Drive.

The Drive charity event, co-hosted by Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Nascar driver Kasey Kahne, partnered with Safeway this year in an effort to raise $1 million for Seattle Children’s Hospital and Strong Against Cancer during the third-annual charity event. Today, the organizations jointly announced that the goal was met; $1,060,005 was raised through a two-day private event in June and check stand fundraising at Northwest Safeway and Albertson’s stores through the month of July.

“The partnership between Safeway and The Drive was a natural fit,” Dan Valenzuela, Albertsons and Safeway president, said in a statement. “As longtime supporters of Seattle Children’s Hospital and cancer research, we were thrilled to support this effort. But even better, by hosting the fundraiser at all our stores in July, we provided an easy way for anyone in the state to donate to this remarkable research when Russell invited everyone to join him on the Strong against Cancer team.”

This is the third year Wilson and Kahne have hosted the event, which raises money for their individual charities, the Why Not You Foundation and the Kasey Kahne Foundation, in addition to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

“The DRIVE is a great event that brings the community together for a fun evening to raise money for an important cause, I love being a part of it,” Wilson said. “Strong Against Cancer is saving children’s lives. Thank you to all of The DRIVE donors and customers of Safeway and Albertsons who donated to help make a difference.”

Wilson will present a check to Seattle Children’s Hospital during pre-game festivities at Thursday’s home game against the Dallas Cowboys.

“425 Business” and its sister publication “425” magazine were sponsors of The Drive charity event.