New apps are hitting the market every day, and part of the trick to getting noticed is offering something a little different, a little easier, or a little more unique. Todd Myers and his team are taking that task head on with the launch of TextMuse.

Kirkland-based TextMuse is a messaging app, but not in the way of SnapChat or Whatsapp. Myers’ creation integrates the best aspects of social sharing, such as personal recommendations, into the phone’s existing messaging application. TextMuse offers the user an array of content to choose from, such as recipes, animal memes, videos, and news headlines, and enables the user to send those pictures, quotes, and links through SMS text, instead of through a social network. This process also eliminates the need for both the sender and receiver to have downloaded the same app.

“Some of the things people share on social they want to share with specific people, and messaging apps are pretty cool, but if I’m on Whatsapp and you’re not, I can’t get to you. But everybody texts,” Myers said.

TextMuse launched a beta version of the app this past February with 100 users. The app was released to the public in June, and at the end of July, TextMuse had approximately 1,000 users.

“We’re just starting to do media outreach and advertising now, so we’re pretty pleased with the progress so far,” Myers said. ”Our target in the next 12 months for users is (to have) about 10,000 people.”

The app is free to download, but Myers said they are mulling the option of a premium paid level that would enable certain features, such as saving content to be shared later. TextMuse uses affiliate links for daily deals, and Myers said categories, such as recipes, news, or romantic quotes, could be sold to content creators in the future as an alternate revenue stream.

Personal recommendations carry a lot of weight, and that is exactly what TextMuse is all about. We’ve always been focused on helping our users uncover and share content that not only is relevant to their lives, but also to their friends,” Myers said.

TextMuse is available for download on iOS and Android.