Steve Yi, MediaAlpha CEO

Steve Yi, MediaAlpha CEO

Digital marketing analytics company MediaAlpha has moved its headquarters from sunny Los Angeles to techy Redmond. The company was founded in 2011 and had cultivated the product and technology development in its existing Redmond office. CEO Steve Yi said the business climate, favorable taxes, and slightly lower cost of living were all considered in the decision.

“There is an outstanding plethora of engineers who have worked for larger companies that, based on the virtue of where they are in their career cycle, they want to try working at a smaller, higher-growth company, and we’ve had a lot of success attracting some fantastic people to work with us,” Yi said.

The company will maintain the L.A. office, but the HQ relocation puts extra emphasis on the company’s expansion from insurance advertising into other verticals.

“When we considered both Seattle and L.A., it was very clear to us that Seattle was the very clear number-two hub for tech companies,” Yi said. “In terms of putting ourselves in an ecosystem with other technology companies, most notably to be able to improve the type of people we are looking for to improve our technology and product development, it was a very easy decision to headquarter ourselves in Seattle.”

Yi said he noticed a sense of community in the Seattle Metro area, and if “I want to build my company here, then it’s worthwhile to help other companies and foster that growth, versus other markets like L.A. and Silicon Valley.”