It’s no surprise that tech companies constantly are on the hunt for top talent. A new study from technology recruitment company Talentful recently revealed the 15 tech companies currently poaching the most talent from their competitors.

The study, which includes a detailed infographic showing which competitors these companies are most likely to snatch talent from, revealed that Facebook poached most of its recruits from rival social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, while Google took more than 4,050 employees from Microsoft, the Redmond-based tech company which also owns Bing.

“There’s a huge amount of staff trading between companies,” said a representative from Talentful, “and every time one company hires a staff member from another, they’re not just bringing in that person, they’re bringing in their whole network. People like to work with familiar teams who know the way they work, and they end up bringing their colleagues with them.”

Of the companies included in the study, Google poached the most, taking about 12,800 employees from rival technology companies. Alternately, Airbnb was the least aggressive in its poaching tactics.

While recruiters work aggressively to find the top talent, some companies have proven themselves more successful at the poaching game than others. Check out Talentful’s infographic below to see which tech companies claim the most talent from their rivals.

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(via Talentful).