Ted Baker London will open its first Washington store at Bellevue Square on March 4. The store will be decorated like a British “high tea” party, and might leave you craving a cup of earl gray tea.

According to a Ted Baker spokesperson, the theme is in part inspired by the local area’s love of coffee. The color pallet includes pastel pink, blue, and mint. Over-sized white doily decals will be stamped around the store along with bespoke tea tin-printed wallpaper in the fitting rooms. The light fixtures will be made out of tiered cake-stands and “knitted cakes and sandwiches” will be on display in wooden trays.

The new store will launch with the brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. On opening weekend, there will be gifts and giveaways. But here’s the real treat. Ted Baker sells excellent clothes for the office. Its takes classic pieces and put a unique spin on them.

If you’re a man on the hunt for alternative cotton button ups, be sure to pop into Ted Baker. These classic shirts have simple patterns that are different, but not overly flashy. And if you dare to dabble in floral prints, this would be the place to do it. Ted Baker also sell suits, blazers, and all the traditional business wear. Plus, the bags are reasonably priced and come in different colors, in addition to brown and black.

Simplicity and unique fabrics are the name of the game for womens’ wear. Almost all Ted Baker dresses are office appropriate. Cuts are classic but colors and prints are in a league all their own.  This floral tunic is stunning. There are also suits for women. This jeweled bomber jacket is a perfect example of a classic design transformed.

So, is it time for tea?