Tagboard is one of four companies collaborating with Snap Inc. to form a news partnership, the Redmond-based social media technology company announced today.

The partnership with Snap Inc. — better known as Snapchat — also includes NewsWhip, Storyful, and SAM Desk, and will reportedly help journalists and media organizations find and use publicly available Snapchat pictures and videos in their coverage of breaking news.

Particularly through the use of Snapchat’s geo-location platform called Snap Map, journalists can pinpoint photos and videos created by the platform’s more than 150 million users at a specific location or event. This could potentially make finding and verifying breaking news more efficient, and could expand the reach of smaller news organizations and publishers with fewer resources as well.

Organizations with subscriptions to Tagboard or any of the other three partner companies will now have access to all public Snapchat content, just as they have access to public content from other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

All four companies involved in the partnership are focused on social media and news discovery, and according to Axios, none of them will charge extra for their services now that Snapchat is on board, as Snapchat will be providing its content for free.

“I think we were a great fit to work together early on, because of the parallel challenges we faced as startup tech companies,” Tagboard Founder and CEO Josh Decker said of the partnership with Snapchat in a blog post on the company’s website. “We both had an attitude of not knowing all the answers, but pushing the envelope and executing different strategies to learn where our places were to help our respective stakeholders.”