Courtesy of Headway via Unsplash

Bellevue-based T-Mobile has picked eight startups from around the world to participate in its 2021 T-Mobile Accelerator aimed at helping the companies advance innovative technologies on the wireless provider’s 5G platform.

The startups will work with T-Mobile technology and business leaders for three months in the spring immersive technology program. The companies feature technologies that include AR (augmented reality) wearables, holographic communications, 3D data storytelling, volumetric video streaming, immersive virtual learning, and more.

“5G is blurring the boundary between our physical and virtual worlds to create immersive experiences that better connect us to people and things around the globe,” John Saw, executive vice president of advanced and emerging technologies at T-Mobile, said in today’s news release. “Businesses are finding better ways to collaborate virtually, and consumers are being engaged with new experiences that bring them closer than ever to the products and entertainment they love. I can’t wait to see the innovation that occurs from this talented group of developers that are pioneering the way in immersive 5G technology.”

In addition to its accelerator, T-Mobile also supports 5G innovation through its T-Mobile Ventures fund and as a co-founder of the 5G Open Innovation Lab. Since its inception, the accelerator has worked with 67 startups that have raised almost $80 million since participating in the program, and 82 percent of the alumni companies remain in business.

Participants in the spring accelerator are Condense Reality, Everysight, Flow Immersive, KaiXR, Longan Vision Corp., Matsuko,, and Prisms of Reality Inc.