According to AAA, this Independence Day is projected to be the most-traveled weekend ever, with roughly 3.5 million travelers expected to fly between Friday, June 30 and Tuesday, July 4. That’s nearly a 5 percent increase over last year.

With the summer travel season kicking into gear, TSA PreCheck enrollment provider IdentoGO shares tips for making your summer travel a breeze.

Arrive Early

According to Charlie Carroll, IdentoGO’s senior vice president, the number one tip for travelers this summer is to arrive early.

Enroll with TSA PreCheck

Travelers eager to reduce their wait times even further are encouraged to enroll in TSA PreCheck. With TSA PreCheck, travelers are able to go through security without having to remove their shoes or belts. They can even leave liquids and laptops inside their carry-on bags. Enrolling in TSA PreCheck is easy, and it only costs $85 for a five-year enrollment.

Adhere to TSA Guidelines

Before you arrive at the airport, travelers are encouraged to review TSA carry-on guidelines to ensure their carry-on bags are free of items prohibited by TSA.

In addition to these guidelines, TSA also recommends double-checking your ID to make sure it’s both valid and matches the information on your boarding pass, and have these items ready for the TSA agent when it’s your turn in line.

For additional tips that will make summer travel easier for you and others, visit the Transportation Security Administration online.