The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Funding Board has awarded more than $5.2 million in grants to 12 projects that conserve working forests and farms around the state.

“These grants help ensure our farms and forests, often at risk of being developed, are still available for growing timber and still available for growing crops and raising livestock,” stated Kaleen Cottingham, director of the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office, which administers the grants. “In a lot of ways, these projects and the lands they’re on sustain all of us, including the families who have, in many situations, managed the lands for generations. These working farms and forests provide family income, commodities and open space, and help keep Washington green and growing.”

The board stated that it also received word of funding from federal grants for projects that develop and improve recreational opportunities for boaters and recreationists. The federal grants total more than $3.9 million for nine projects.

Combined, these 21 projects are located in 11 of the state’s 39 counties and will be distributed to specific cities, counties, nonprofits and state agencies. Click here to see descriptions of projects in each county.