At 25, Sid Wambach is one of the youngest CEOs on the Eastside, and his company just celebrated its first birthday.

SidWambachWambach began his career at Startup Bellevue as an intern and quickly rose through the ranks. He helped the organization run Startup Weekend Bellevue in 2014, and about six months later, he was selected to take the reins of the organization.

“I literally spent three months studying,” Wambach said. “They handed me terabytes of information to sort through.”

Wambach’s first steps included making sure the company was structured properly to move forward, changing its designation from an LLC to a corporation. He met with the organization’s partners to make sure they were all on the same page and made plans for the future. Wambach said he spent most of that time soaking up all the information that he could.

“It was overwhelming at first. Now I’m in a more comfortable spot,” Wambach said.

Not only has the leadership of Startup Bellevue changed, the mission of the organization has shifted as well. After flirting with developing a coworking space, Wambach is now more interested in partnering with existing coworking spaces and providing interns for the startups that work within them. Startup Bellevue operates out of ExtraSlice coworking space in Bellevue.

“All these players are way too big for us to start a coworking battle, but I want to be able to give the students the opportunity to immerse themselves in any field that they are interested in,” Wambach said.

Startup Bellevue also offers tiered, subscription-based memberships that give startups access to legal advice, web developers, and more. Coupled with the internships, Startup Bellevue provides companies with labor and services, and it gives students a taste of the startup life.

“Being surrounded by hardworking, young companies with a lot of energy is inspiring for the students,” Wambach said. “Events are cool, but it puts a smile on my face when I get to see students excited about their opportunities. That’s what I want Startup Bellevue to be known for.”