Businesses of all sizes are out there doing all they can to find new customers. They hit it hard with digital efforts, outbound sales, and event marketing. The first two of those efforts are data driven to the core while the third activity usually doesn’t result in clear, measurable outcomes.

Why then do businesses settle for event marketing when the only measures of success are stories and business cards? This lack of data means that opportunities are left on the table and it becomes difficult to justify these events when budget decisions take place.

It is now possible for event-based marketing to replace the fishbowl and finally create consistent and clear data. Introducing Swurveys, web-based experiences that can generate data and qualify attendees into leads on the spot.

Users swipe through Swurveys on touch-screen devices such as tablets in up-right stands or on their phone (a link is sent via SMS, e-mail, or social media). They appear like a deck of branded cards, a fun alternative to the event industry’s boring landing pages and paper and pen.

Although swiping on a touch screen is a familiar mobile-gesture, it actually makes it easy to qualify attendees into leads on the spot. The top qualifying questions are asked and a contact card is presented at the end for the user to opt-in.

Swurveys quantify return on investment (ROI) by keeping track of your conversations and contact information so that your event staff doesn’t have to – all businesses know what “brain mush” feels like after talking to a large group of people at an event.

The Washington State Opportunity Scholarship (WSOS) recently replaced their business card fishbowl with Swurveys. WSOS hosts a table at numerous large events. Their goal at these events is to recruit mentors and find donors. They normally rely upon a slip of paper to write down names for which activity attendees would be interested in. Typical results were 1 to 3 people would be cataloged for follow-up per event.

WSOS needed a new approach and implemented Swurveys at the GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit earlier this June. As prospective mentors swiped through stacks of WSOS branded questions on an iPad, WSOS engaged 32 mentor leads and obtained the contact information of 26 mentor leads. Pairing these contacts with the responses in the Swurvey showed that 13 of the prospects were qualified leads for their preferred mentorship program.

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship Director of Corporate Relations and Special Events, Erin Ashley, found the impact of utilizing the Swurveys platform impressive:

“This experience utilizing Swurveys to recruit and qualify possible mentors really exceeded expectations. I was away from the booth most of the day tending to corporate relationships, so when I came back at the end of the day I was amazed the number of possible mentors we had engaged with.”

WSOS results are typical of Swurveys’ broader experience. 62% of respondents who take a Swurvey as a part of an experience leave their contact info currently. The success stories go beyond working with WSOS, big names like Marriott, ESPN and American Express have successfully utilized Swurveys at their own events. Is your company next?

Replace the Fish Bowl and Get Your Swurve On! See what Swurveys can do to make events more data driven!

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