Ready, set, spin — SoulCycle Bellevue opens tomorrow at 5:30 a.m., with extra classes added due to high demand.

SoulCycle is a luxury fitness giant with more than 65 locations across the country, all focusing on body, mind, and soul. Enthusiastic instructors, upbeat music, and candlelight all make for a rejuvenating and fun experience. Familiar faces at various SoulCycle studios nationwide include Lady Gaga, Madonna, Bradley Cooper, and David and Victoria Beckham.

The much-anticipated Bellevue location, inside the Lincoln Square Expansion, will be the chain’s first in the Pacific Northwest, featuring a 62-bike studio space as well as an on-site boutique selling SoulCycle’s original clothing collections.

The 3,500 square foot cycle center also will host a grand opening celebration Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon that will feature a photo booth and light refreshments, including juice from Bellevue’s Jujubeet. A live DJ also will be there to keep the party going.

“We are thrilled to bring SoulCycle’s full body and mind workout to Bellevue, which is such a thriving and dynamic community,” said Gabby Etrog Cohen, senior vice president of brand strategy and PR. “The SoulCycle experience starts when riders arrive at the studio and carries them outside our studio doors, and we are so excited to be part of Lincoln Square where our riders can dine, shop and be entertained with all that downtown Bellevue has to offer before and after a SoulCycle class.”

SoulCycle’s mission centers around not just changing bodies, but also on taking riders on a spiritual journey. Riders may feel more like they’re relaxing or having fun at a nightclub than laboring over a workout, Cohen said.

“SoulCycle doesn’t just change bodies, it changes lives. I love hearing stories from riders about how SoulCycle helped them overcome personal tragedies, difficult relationships, illness, and so much more,” Cohen said. “The combination of the physical with the mental and spiritual gives riders a deeper strength that pushes them to reach their goals.”

A variety of different cycling-based classes make this fitness option perfect for getting a full body workout at all skill levels. With the added help of hand weights and core work, the sessions work the whole body. Plus, on average, indoor cyclists burn between 500-700 calories in just 45 minutes, according to the company.

“SoulCycle is for everyone! Men, women, younger, older, athletes and non-athletes. We have riders who are 12-years-old and we have riders who are in their eighties,” Cohen said. “We want everyone to know that they can tap it back on a bike, go on a spiritual journey, and change their bodies and their lives.”

Beginner friendly, SoulCycle offers a one-hour Soul 101 class for first-timers, during which everyone can get personal attention from the instructors. Additionally, every class is adaptable to all fitness levels, and the SoulCycle mobile app also helps people track their progress.

“One of my favorite things about SoulCycle is the people,” Cohen said. “Our studio teams are incredible and our instructors are truly inspirational coaches and motivators.”

Classes cost $28. For more information and class schedules, visit