When choosing where to live, people commonly tend to consider factors like housing costs, good schools, and proximity to job centers. However, another factor that often is a priority to many is safety. According to a recent report from New York-based finance technology company SmartAsset, one Eastside city ranks among the safest in the country.

Looking at data for the 200 largest cities in the country, the SmartAsset report examined data for crime rates, vehicular mortality rates, drug poisoning rates, excessive drinking, air quality, and the percentage of commuters who drive to work alone. Based on these criteria, SmartAsset ranked Bellevue as the eighth safest city in the country.

“Bellevue is Washington’s lone representative in the top 25,” the report states. “This city’s scores are a bit of a mixed bag. It scores in the bottom half for drug overdose rate, excessive drinking rate, and property crime rate. However, in the other metrics, it ranks no lower than the top 25 percent. In particular, Bellevue has a very low rate of violent crime. There are about 97 violent crimes per 100,000 residents in Bellevue. That’s the sixth-best rate in the study.”

Coming in at number one, the report ranked Sunnyvale, California as the safest city in the country, followed by Fremont, California; and Naperville, Illinois.

Unsafe cities included three in Missouri that ranked among the bottom 15. Kansas City also was noted as having particularly high violent crime rates.

In general, however, SmartAsset’s findings reported little change year over year, noting that many of the safest cities in 2016 are still safe today. Seven of last year’s top 10 ranking among the top 10 again this year, and two cities kept their places.