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Newly located in downtown Bellevue, Coding Dojo offers the opportunity for college students, graduates and professionals to develop their coding skills, strengthen their resume and reinvent their careers. The program began as internal training for startups struggling to find engineers with the right talent for their needs. In 2012, founder Michael Choi opened Coding Dojo to the public as a comprehensive coding boot camp.

“We feel we have codified the process of training software engineers,” says 29-year-old Richard Wang, current CEO of Coding Dojo.

Coding Dojo started in Silicon Valley and Wang hopes to expand into Southern California within the year. The company chose to open a campus in Bellevue due to the support and talent available to nurture the company’s growth.

“Bellevue is an emerging technology hub,” says Wang. “It took the strong political will of the Bellevue City Council to enable the move,”

The company hopes to become more involved in the Bellevue community, encouraging local software companies and nonprofit to seek their students and expertise.


Photo courtesy Coding Dojo.


The program is an intensive 12-week web development boot camp, focused on teaching three coding languages. Participants spend weekdays starting attending lectures, working on coding projects, and learning from guest speakers. Throughout the day instructors and assistants help with coding projects and observe the common threads of understanding among students to create a supplementary lecture addressing specific needs in the evenings.

Coding Dojo encourages a diverse environment, fostering social and physical well-being in an experiential learning process. Guest speakers range from industry experts to junior developers. Students spend most of the day working in pairs or teams to immerse them in the physical working environment that they will experience after they graduate.

After the initial 12-week program, an additional residency program is offered through a separate application, continue honing their skills and developing their projects. All Coding Dojo resources are allowing entrepreneurs or individuals hoping to build their portfolio the option to available to residency students, to help them develop their unique web applications.


Photo courtesy Coding Dojo.

Of Coding Dojo’s more than 300 graduates, 92 percent of the black belt-certified students have found a job within an average of 60 days of graduating in a variety of locations and fields. Wang attributes this success to the comprehensive three Stack curriculum. Coding Dojo is the only coding camp in the nation to teach three Stacks, or coding languages. In learning three separate languages, students adapt the basic grammar of each technology, giving them the flexibility to develop these skills further for their needs.

“These skills allow our students to become the most versatile web developers,” said Wang.

There are three structural options for the bootcamp, appealing to a wide variety of schedules and needs. Options range from $10,500 to $12,500 in tuition, and consist of an onsite program, an online program and a hybrid program, which offers the support of the online system with the flexibility to join the onsite program for any range of time. All programs offer mentorship and one-on-one support from instructors and assistants.

Wang defines Coding Dojo students in three categories––creators, builders, and re-inventors. The creators are entrepreneurs who want to learn how to code to pursue their business goals. Builders, according to Wang, already have the experience, but want to build other skills necessary to their success. Finally, the re-inventors are people from all walks of life who want to reinvent their careers and goals.

“These stories are what keep us going,” said Wang, reflecting on the success of many of his students.

The program offers four scholarships for career starters, women, military retraining and professionals seeking to reinvent their careers. New to the Bellevue campus is the outreach discount, provided for students struggling to participate due to relocation expenses. Financing options are also available through Coding Dojo’s partnership with Upstart, a peer-to-peer lending platform.

Coding Dojo does not require any coding experience, and encourages students and professionals from all backgrounds to apply. The program seeks individuals from diverse backgrounds, who see web development and coding as a manner of achieving their professional goals. The bootcamp fills quickly, so students are encouraged to apply in advance.

Note: The article has been updated to correctly reflect the average amount of time black-belt certified graduates find employment after graduation.