In this week leading up to the Super Bowl, Seattle and Boston are under the microscope. All sorts of comparisons are available for the two metro areas, from average commute times — Seattle’s 28.6 minutes vs. Boston’s 30 minutes — to median household income — $67,479 in Seattle and $72,907 in Boston.

Many sports analysts and Las Vegas oddsmakers are favoring the Patriots on Sunday, and it looks like New England holds the venture capital edge, too. Seattle’s PitchBook took a look at how Super Bowl XLIX’s cities match up in that realm, and Boston takes the cake with $4.8 billion of venture capital invested in area companies during the past 12 months. Seattle companies received $1.9 billion.

According to PitchBook’s data, software and pharmaceuticals/biotech were the big winners in Seattle, with $614 million and $612 million in VC investment, respectively.

The Internet holds myriad predictions for this weekend’s event. While Animal Planet’s puppies suggest the Seahawks will win Sunday’s big game, Gabby the Sea Turtle picked New England for the Lombardi Trophy. In what could be the ultimate betrayal, Microsoft’s Cortana selected New England for the win by one point.

Take a look at PitchBook’s blog for a full breakdown of the VC numbers.

Graphic courtesy PitchBook

Graphic courtesy PitchBook