More than 400 technology professionals from area tech companies and organizations will gather Tuesday for the Women in Tech Regatta. The inaugural event is hosted by Seattle-based organization Women in Tech, and will take place across six downtown Seattle venues from 5-9 p.m.

The event — which will touch on hot topics like work/life balance — will kickoff at Seattle City Hall with a reception from 5-7 p.m., including speakers from Microsoft, Google, Capital One, and more. Following the reception, breakout sessions will take place at venues across Seattle, including Level, OneEighty Foundation, Uber, WeWork Holyoke, Seattle City Hall, and Columbia Tower Club.

Tickets for the May 2 event are available online and range in price from $25-35. For more information about the event including ticket sales, event itinerary, and more, visit the event website.

Women in Tech is a Seattle nonprofit founded in 2013. The organization aims to provide a support system for women through education and quarterly networking opportunities. For more information about the organization and other women in tech-related events, visit the organization online.