Graphic by Alex Schloer

Graphic by Alex Schloer

Listen up, new or prospective angel investors. The Seattle Angel Conference will launch round IX at the end of February. Those interested in participating are invited to an information session, Angel Investing 201, on Tuesday, Feb. 16. in Seattle.

Additionally, startups that are at or near first revenue, that would benefit significantly from a $200,000 investment, are encouraged to apply. The startup application deadline is Feb. 22.

Twice a year, SAC brings together 40 angel investors to evaluate 40 companies for potential investment. Each investor learns about screening, pitch evaluation, and due diligence through doing and practical application.

“I think 9 percent of King county could be (accredited angel investors), and 99 percent of them don’t, mostly because they’re unaware,” Sechrest said to 425 Business in November. “So how do we make people be aware that they could be doing this and if they do it right, it could be to their benefit?

“It’s not a gamble, it’s just a risk, and managing that risk can produce good returns,” Sechrest said. “People in the community can make their community better by investing in their community. It’s not throwing your money away.”

Starting on Feb. 23, investors will begin reviewing company applications. During the following 12 weeks, investors will narrow down the list and select one company in which to invest. The SAC IX Fund will conclude during an all-day event on May 18.

SAC wrapped round IIX in November, awarding startups Camp Native and Tenacity $100,000 in angel investment.