New York-based commercial real estate service firm Savills Studley recently expanded its footprint to the Pacific Northwest with a temporary home at 600 108th Ave. N.E., Suite 330 in Bellevue. The office will move to Seattle in early 2017.

Savills Studley

Eric Blohm, senior managing director for Savills Studley’s Seattle-area location. Photo courtesy Savills Studley.

Eric Blohm, senior managing director for the new Seattle-area office, said Savills Studley had considered opening an office in the Seattle market for some time before finally pulling the trigger.

“Over time, with the quality of life and number of companies that are coming into or growing in this market, (specifically) the technology sector, Seattle and its economy became very vibrant. Opportunities to support corporations and their growing real estate needs in Seattle became a ‘have to have’ (for the company),” said Blohm.

While Savills Studley’s physical presence in the Pacific Northwest may be new, the company, which has more than 25 locations across the United States and is part of the larger London-based Savills, isn’t a total stranger to the Pacific Northwest region.

“Savills Studley has done work in the Puget Sound for years,” said Blohm. “But they’ve used third parties or co-brokers. In that regards, the name, the brand, and the experience of working with Savills Studley is not new for some tenants in this market.”

Savills Studley

Savills Studley will move from its Bellevue location to an office in Seattle in early 2017. Photo courtesy Savills Studley.

With all the new construction on the Eastside, Blohm said it’s an especially interesting time for local real estate. “All this new construction is going up and is continuing to go up,” he said. “And the market continues to surprise everyone.”

Savills Studley is a tenant-focused real estate services firm, that, in addition to brokerage and transaction services, also provides a variety of other tenant services ranging from office and industrial, to retail, corporate, and more. “We provide everything the tenant needs and nothing else,” said Blohm. “And we’re optimistic and excited to make those (services) available from a physical presence.”