The “elves” at FedEx distribution centers across the region really deliver this holiday season

If Jolly Saint Nick and his eight reindeer (plus one on standby for foggy weather conditions) can make it around the world and deliver presents to millions of children in one night, imagine what can be done with the addition of more than 400,000 personnel, 650 aircraft, and 160,000 trucks.

This holiday season, FedEx expects to transport up to 400 million packages. Combine that with the 15 billion pieces of mail the U.S. Postal service expects to move, and the 750 million packages UPS estimates it will deliver, and that’s a lot of helpers making Santa’s job easier.

Lonnie Lewis, senior manager at FedEx’s Seattle distribution hub said FedEx treats every package like it’s special, especially this time of year.

“We have an internal expression which is that we treat all packages as if they were the golden package, because you may see a package as just a box, but we see what is inside of it,” Lewis said. “Not literally, but we see that FedEx envelope going to somebody could be a closing check on them buying their first house. A box could be medication that helps keep someone alive. And then there’s the heartwarming ones where it’s a present and we deliver it and you see a kid or family light up.”

As expected, peak season for shipping extends from Black Friday right up until the wire on Christmas Eve. Typical daily volume for FedEx is approximately 13 million packages. However,  on the four Mondays preceding Christmas,  volume jumps to 26 million.

Lewis postulates the increased volume on Mondays is likely due to the state of online shopping as a means for purchasing holiday gifts. “My assumption is Friday is payday and there are a lot of deals over the weekend with e-commerce being what it is. More people are home, more people are purchasing online.”

So what do you do if you prefer delivery by truck instead of sleigh? Ship items sooner rather than later. according to Lewis. “We never know what is going to happen or what the weather will be like. It’s always best to be ahead of the game.” Getting your package to FedEx by Dec. 20 will ensure delivery by Dec. 22 through economy service, while priority service will arrive on time with a Dec. 21 drop off.

For more information, visit FedEx online.