The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Photo courtesy Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Photo courtesy Samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 smartphone, which it revealed Sunday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will attempt to reclaim some of the market share Apple gained with its iPhone 6, and it will do so with the help of Eastside companies’ software.

Most notable is the presence of Microsoft programs on the S6. The phone comes pre-installed with OneDrive, Skype, and OneNote. This is a major coup for Microsoft, which is trying to get its services in the hands of more mobile customers without relying on sales of Windows phones to do so. Samsung phones make up about a quarter of the smartphone market, so the inclusion of Microsoft applications will drastically increase the Redmond company’s mobile presence.

S6 buyers will receive 115 gigabytes of OneDrive storage for two years, which could help draw customers away from Google Drive use, which is more popular among Android users.

Absent, though, is the Office suite, which was rumored to be pre-installed on the device. Those reports never gained steam, but having Office front-and-center on what will likely be among the most popular smartphones would have helped bolster Microsoft’s mobile portfolio.

Samsung is calling on Inrix, the Kirkland traffic-data company, to improve the traffic apps on the S6. The S6 will retain the Car Mode app, which provides a driver-friendly voice-controlled interface that uses Inrix data in real-time traffic maps, commute times, and route suggestions. In connection, the My Places widget lets S6 owners quickly scan travel times from their location to home or work. These services were previously available on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 tablet.

“Together with Samsung we’re transforming how millions of drivers navigate their world,” Inrix CEO Bryan Mistele said in a statement. “We look forward to extending to S6 owners the time and money-saving benefits Note owners have come to expect from INRIX on their mobile devices.”