Popular Snoqualmie resort Salish Lodge & Spa is celebrating more than 100 years with major improvements


Salish Lodge renovationScenic Salish Lodge & Spa, which overlooks the area’s picturesque Snoqualmie Falls, recently announced a $12 million renovation that will completely overhaul its more than 80 guest rooms, breathing new life into the popular lodging destination.

Originally built in 1916 as an eight-room inn and rest stop for travelers, the lodge has been updated over the years to feature some modern amenities but has not undergone a major renovation since 1988, when the original structure was completely remodeled.

“The last major renovation was almost 30 years ago,” said Salish Lodge & Spa general manager Alan Stephens, “so it was a great time to invest in the long-term future of this iconic destination and ensure it remains the premier lodging destination in the Northwest.”

Stephens said the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe has invested more than $9 million into the lodge since acquiring it 10 years ago. However, this will be the largest single investment the lodge will have seen.

Through the renovation, Stephens said all 84 of Salish Lodge & Spa’s guest rooms will be updated to feature a cozy, Pacific Northwest theme. Natural textures, warm woods, and organic fabrics all will be incorporated, and each room will be outfitted with a gas fireplace for added charm and comfort. Deluxe bathrooms featuring Salish’s signature soaking tubs or dual-headed showers also will be included as part of the renovation.

“We are focused on honoring the history and tradition of the (more than) 100-year-old lodge, as well as looking forward to a more current mountainside concept,” Stephens said.

But the interior isn’t the only part of the lodge getting an update. “The exterior of the lodge will also be refreshed and provided (with) updated balconies (that) will offer even more expansive views of the Snoqualmie River,” Stephens said.

As the Eastside continues to grow, it’s become a hotbed for business and leisure travelers alike, and Stephens said this is an exciting time for Salish Lodge & Spa. “We are thrilled to be sustaining our place as the top luxury lodge in the area,” he said. “Our guest rooms will not only be a cozy, relaxing getaway for couples, (but) they will also feature updated amenities and fixtures that our corporate clientele is expecting in their lodging experience.”

Stephens said the renovation, which is slated for completion early next year, is a great opportunity for Salish Lodge & Spa to recognize and honor its history, all while making the resort a destination that can serve guests for many more years to come.

“After more than a century of creating memorable guest experiences, we’re excited to start this new chapter in our history,” Stephens said. “2018 is sure to be a big and bright year here at the lodge.”