A marketing department in your pocket

Startups and small businesses don’t always have the resources necessary to staff a marketing department, but with the social media app Ripl, creating eye-catching ads is as easy as whipping out your smartphone.


With Ripl, posting engaging content to social media is fast and easy. Photo courtesy Ripl.

Social media sites like Facebook are constantly changing their algorithms to better serve users, most recently filtering posts containing video and animation into users’ newsfeeds. Unfortunately for busy business owners, the most engaging posts are also the most time-consuming to produce.

With all that small business owners have to manage, posting to social media is often becomes an afterthought.

Ripl aims to change this, cutting down the time it takes to create engaging social media posts. It’s as simple as uploading a photo, choosing some text, selecting an animated design, adding music (if you want), and posting. In just a minute or two, a business owner can create an engaging post about a service or product and share it across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — it’s that easy.

“Ripl is a tool to help small businesses create eye-catching posts,” Ripl Founder and CEO, Paul Ingalls, said. “It helps people easily create animated posts, and do it within 60 seconds.”

When Ingalls and his team launched Ripl last September, the app had a slightly different purpose. It was originally intended to help small businesses connect with social influencers who already had strong followings on social media. However, shortly after launching, Ingalls realized Ripl could benefit startups and small businesses in a bigger way.

“It turned out that small business customers were using Ripl not just to connect with influencers, but to post,” Ingalls said. “They were offering us money to remove our logo, so we made a decision to delete two-thirds of the app and focus 100 percent on helping these small businesses create these animated, dynamic posts. We haven’t looked back since.”


With Ripl Pro, users can access more than 80 dynamic designs, a robust music catalog, and more. Photo courtesy Ripl.

As a small business itself, Ripl understands the challenges that come with starting a new company and growing a brand.

“It’s power to the little guy in helping them build something of their business and their dreams,” Ingalls said. “They don’t have the time or resources to either pay someone to do marketing for them or go off and learn the specifics about how to drive an effective marketing channel. That’s what we’re focused on.”

Ripl is free to download, providing users with six designs to use at no cost, or users can download a pro version of the app for $9.99/month, which grants them access to more than 80 designs, an expansive music catalog, the ability to schedule posts, and more.