Photo by Olaf Gradin / CC BY

Revel Consulting announced last week that it has modified the company’s parental leave policy. Beginning this month, employees who have worked at Kirkland-based Revel for at least one year are eligible for 10 weeks of paid leave, regardless of gender. New mothers recovering from birth also may be eligible for two extra weeks of full pay in addition to disability benefits.

“The leadership team continues to focus on providing attractive career opportunities for its people at all stages of their journey. Our goal is to free associates of any competing priorities as they immerse themselves in this special and exciting moment with their growing family,” said Sheri Iverson, Revel’s director of business transformation.

The new policy, created by two women associates at Revel, Liya Warren and Jenifer Murdy, closely follows Microsoft and Netflix amending their parental leave policies. Microsoft’s new policy allows for 20 weeks of full paid leave for mothers and 12 weeks for fathers. Netflix announced its new policy, to the jealousy of employees everywhere, of one full year of fully paid parental leave.

“I came to Revel because the local, pure consulting model gave me the freedom to explore my passions in management consulting — outside of an airplane and a hotel room,” Warren said in a press release. “This enhanced benefit is a testimonial of Revel’s commitment to a balanced lifestyle that provides associates the clarity and focus to deliver exceptional results.”

Earlier this year, finance website WalletHub said Washington companies’ parental leave policies were eighth-best in the nation, and the state ranked sixth overall for working moms.

While Washington companies are enhancing benefits to assist the growing number of moms and potential moms in the workforce with work-life balance, creating more generous parental leave policies is only one step in the right direction. As we reported in August, the United States is one of only two countries that do not federally mandate paid parental leave.