A recent poll conducted by Quinn Thomas and DHM Research suggests a sense of solidarity and hope among Washingtonians concerning the COVID-19 outbreak. Between April 1 and 6, the two Pacific Northwest-based marketing firms surveyed 502 Washingtonians about how they are feeling and what they are experiencing in the midst of the public health and economic crisis.

Findings included 55 percent of respondents saying that they believe the state is heading in the right direction — 15 percentage points higher than the last survey conducted by the groups in December 2019. Similarly, 81 percent said coronavirus response by hospitals and clinics is excellent or good, and 62 percent approved of Gov. Inslee’s handling of the situation.

At the same time, 38 percent reported that they or somebody in their household lost their job or suffered a pay cut due to COVID-19-related measures, and 31 percent said they will need help covering rent or mortgage. These numbers are more exacerbated in the 18 to 29 age bracket, with 65 percent reporting that they or somebody in their household has lost their job or suffered a pay cut. In this demographic, 51 percent said they will need help with their rent or mortgage payments, and 73 percent said they will spend their $1,200 stimulus check on necessities like food, housing, and utilities.

Ninety percent of respondents also reported that they are practicing social distancing, likely contributing to the decrease in both deaths and confirmed cases since residents were ordered to stay home on March 23.