Courtesy of Wildwood Spirits Co. via Facebook

The Place

Wildwood Spirits Co.

The Drink

The Dark Door Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee


19116 Beardslee Blvd., Ste. 102, Bothell

Hours of Happiness

Distillery tours available Wednesday through Sunday (2–7 p.m., or by appointment), online shopping 24/7 at

Bourbon and coffee pair beautifully after a delicious dinner, but maybe not so perfectly for an early morning. Make mornings, Mondays, and the midday coffee-break Zoom calls with the team something extra special with Wildwood Spirits Co.’s new bourbon barrel-aged coffee. You get the rich complexity of roasted coffee intensified with hints of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel, the same signatures imparted from a whiskey barrel, minus the alcohol. This magical creation is a collaboration between Wildwood Spirits and Novus Coffee Imports, where hand-sorted green beans from Sulawesi, an island near Indonesia, are harvested and placed in barrels where the distillery’s Dark Door Bourbon was aged. Several weeks in the barrels impart woodsy bourbon flavors. Novus then roasts the raw beans to develop the medium-dark richness one expects, while retaining the bourbon notes they’ve absorbed. This is a small-batch production; 12-ounce bags are available for purchase online or for pickup.