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The Third Place Korean BBQ & Fried Chicken

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844 Leary Way N.E., Suite 110, Redmond, 425.636.8641

When someone says their new favorite thing is KFC, chances are they’re not talking about the Colonel’s chicken in a bucket — Korean fried chicken has been gaining a steady fan following, primarily for its distinctive super-crispy exterior, which does a great job locking in the chicken’s moisture while it fries, ensuring a satisfying, juicy bite. Redmond’s new Korean restaurant, the Third Place, while serving plenty of Korean comfort food favorites, makes it a point to highlight its K-Chicken menu, which has a variety of choices to get your crispy chicken fix. Along with the classic fried chicken, they have a house-made honey garlic sauce option to coat the just-fried wings, a spicy-sweet yangnyum (also yangnyeom) chili sauce-coated option, as well as boneless chicken selections like pa-dak topped simply with fresh scallions and crispy garlic, or with a creamy onion sauce. It’s a delicious option if you’re looking to add something new to your takeout routine, or just craving that addictive, crispy KFC crunch.