Courtesy of Soi

The Place

Soi Kirkland 

The Dish

Victory Monument Noodles


Kirkland Urban At 425 Urban Plaza, Ste. 285, Kirkland

Hours of Happiness

Open daily for lunch and dinner, happy hour daily from 3–6 p.m.

The Northwest chill is officially here, and an ideal way to chase it away is with a big bowl of flavorful, spicy noodles. The recently opened Eastside location of Soi in the Kirkland Urban retail/business complex has brought the delicious flavors of Thailand that much closer to home. A dish worthy of the name, the Victory Monument Noodles is a heroically heaping pile of egg noodles with fresh greens and bean sprouts, and sliced barbecue pork (hold the meat to keep it vegetarian), topped with cilantro and fried garlic. The dish is served with a selection of dry and preserved chili pepper condiments, so customers can customize the heat level to their taste.

Available on the full menu, the dish also is featured on the eatery’s happy hour menu for $7, making it easy to order one of Soi’s signature cocktails to accompany the victorious meal. The Green Acres jalapeno-infused tequila cocktail with a smoky hit of mezcal is a recommended choice. Visit Soi’s website to view its full menus: