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By now, we are socially distanced/work-from-home wizards in the New Abnormal of our daily lives. Despite the lack of in-person social time, you’ve probably never been more social, even if it’s all been via webcam with your BFF you typically meet to decompress over a cocktail, or your favorite work pal who keeps you sane with constant messaging chats and funny cat videos. Wherever things are in the world, it’s always a good time to be grateful for the people who give us the moral support we need. Chipmonkey Wine offers certified sommelier-selected premium wines, organized by hilariously irreverent occasions. Amid the height of the shelter-in-place order, Chipmonkey is offering “Thank You Essential Worker” or “Sorry About Your Quarantine” gift boxes. Sure, there are traditional “thank you” and “sending love” themes, but for your bestie who’s been trying to balance a virtual office with home-schooling three kids, they would really appreciate a “Sorry Toddlers Can Be Trouble” or “Sorry Your Teenager is Hormonal” wine gift, with a promise to chat soon. Expertly chosen wines with a genuine laugh — something we could all use right now.