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Hard seltzers


19116 Beardslee Blvd. in Bothell, located in the Village at Beardslee Crossing

Light, refreshing hard seltzers are a steady cocktail trend, and why not? Effervescent with bright fruit flavors, they’re an easy drink to sip on a warm afternoon; they pair easily with food; plus, there’s a bubbly bonus for those wanting a gluten-free alternative to beer. Beardslee Public House is now serving its own brewed-in-house hard seltzer, with fruit purée flavoring options including blood orange; lemon-lime; raspberry; and the newest flavor, mango. Head brewer Drew Cluley developed the spiked sparkling water the way one would brew a beer: fermenting sugar water and utilizing a farmhouse yeast strain to develop the base seltzer’s complex and subtle sweetness from the yeast’s fermentation cycle and any leftover sugars, thereby producing its 4.7 percent ABV — about the same alcohol content as a beer. The new seltzers are available by the pint or pitcher for dine-in guests, as well as to-go in 32-ounce can “Crowlers,” or 64-ounce growlers. You can select a fruit flavor, or have the seltzer on its own, to appreciate its unique, lightly sweet taste. For details: