In February’s Disrupt article, 425 Business profiled WISErg, a Redmond-based composting solutions company that aims to reduce food waste and create a value proposition by manufacturing organic fertilizer from that waste. Check out WISErg’s Harvester machine in action here.

Cofounder and CEO Larry LeSueur. Photo by Rachel Coward.

Cofounder and CEO Larry LeSueur. Photo by Rachel Coward.

Get to know WISErg CEO Larry LeSueur:

: Where were you born?

Larry LeSueur: London. My father was a U.S. civilian working for the military as a chemist. We were back in the States within two years, and the Pacific Northwest has been my home for my entire life.

425B: Where do you live?
LL: Sammamish. (I spent my) youth in Mukilteo, attended University of Washington, and lived in Edmonds and the Kitsap Peninsula before settling down on the Eastside.

425B: What are your hobbies?
LL: Family, horses, learning a new skill.

425B: What is your favorite place on the Eastside?
LL: Our barn where the horses are.

425B: Who is a business leader you admire?
LL: Jeff Bezos took on and challenged and industry. A big e-commerce book store, really?

425B: What is one must-read book for entrepreneurs?
LLThe Lean Startup by Eric Ries, especially for those shifting from more traditional corporate environments. Move fast, fail fast, learn fast.

425B: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
LL: “Get big fast,” shared by (former Amazon executive) Brian Valentine. It’s about getting the virtual flywheel of industry going so that you can start expanding and piling on new innovation as the business grows. That is what we are doing at WISErg.

425B: What is the future of business in the Northwest?
LL: Software plus bugs. It is the intersection of technology and science in solving physical challenges facing our community. Biotech talent pulled from the lab to work with the blue-collar world. The Pacific Northwest is already ripe for the convergence of these industries.