Pinnion CEO Michael Yerkovich. Photo by Rachel Coward.

Pinnion CEO Michael Yerkovich. Photo by Rachel Coward.

In January’s Disrupt column, 425 Business profiled Kirkland-based Pinnion, a software-as-service company that’s trying to create a better survey experience by giving pollsters an authoring tool that removes coding from poll creation, making things much easier for users. The company’s biggest feather in its cap to date is its recent work with Time’s Person of the Year campaign.

Get to know Pinnion CEO Michael Yerkovich:

425B: Where were you born?

Michael Yerkovich: Seattle

425B: Where do you live?

MY: Seattle. I am a lifelong resident. Born and raised in Magnolia, I have lived in the Northwest Seattle neighborhood of Broadview for 17 years now.

425B: What are your hobbies:

MY: Outdoors, I enjoy gardening, off-roading/camping trips to the Oregon sand dunes, and skiing. At home, I dabble in electronics and mechanical projects.

425B: Favorite place on the Eastside?

MY: I have grown fond of the downtown Kirkland area. I appreciate the small-town feel that has survived in spite of recent growth. Patronizing small and owner-operated businesses is always my preference over strip-mall USA.

425B: Name one business leader you admire.

MY: Elon Musk

425B: Name one must-read book for entrepreneurs.

MY: This is the part where I admit one of my weaknesses. I am not a big reader.

425B: What’s your favorite piece of advice you ever received (and from who)?

MY: “Keep trying.” (My wife.)

425B: The future of business in the Northwest is:

MY: Effectively leveraging technology.